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GreaterLink LLC is an American-owned company that was opened in 2006 to deliver the highest level of customer support and better hosting service to our clients. 

   We understand that starting a new website can be a daunting task so we have built the hosting infrastructure and support team to help you every step of the way. We believe that customer support is one of the most important aspects of our hosting service and have made it our mission to provide the best support, whether you are brand new to server hosting or an experienced admin. 
   We have set our prices at a very affordable level while allowing us to use the best hardware and software available.   Our hardware utilizes the latest technologies to ensure your server is lag-free. With advanced DDOS protection, strong connections, and RAID hard drives, you can rest assured that your hosting will run smoothly.

   If you have any trouble with your service or have questions about getting started, our support team is standing by ready to help. You can contact us from our website through the Live Chat box at the bottom right or submit a ticket to our sales and support team and we will call you. We are happy to help with whatever questions or issues you might have about creating your online presence.

Below is from a long-time customer and good friend.
By John Eric Anderson, MS MGT - Be Cause Business Resources, Inc.

    I wandered into Diversified Computers a computer store down the street from my family's business, Anderson Travel Agency in Titusville Florida one day in the early - 1990s. I must have needed something that I thought they would have. There was a large glass showcase counter with computer accessories and a few towers on the counter from customers who had just dropped their machine off for service. Off to my left was a good-size room loaded with mostly guys deeply engrossed in the computer screens and keyboards. Every seat was filled and others were wandering around the store, looking over the shoulders of everyone playing games, I started hearing the sounds the players were making and realized they were playing some shoot-em-up multi-player game with teams fighting through the streets of some Middle East urban center. 

   I met Brandy and her son Mark Combs, then one by one, techs were going back and forth, between the front and back offices through swing doors. It was a beehive of excitement. I soon learned it was a Computer Repair Shop and gaming center where the kids would come to play Counter-Strike, a game that two groups of 10 would play terrorist vs counter-terrorist. They were paying $5 an hour to play because they had dial-up internet at their house and the cyber shop had a T3 so they could play circles around other players on the internet stuck with dial-up speeds. 

   Sometimes there was music. other times they had a big screen showing the best players on the wall with a projection screen. Once welcomed into the "group" I noticed customers arriving with bags of chips, pizza, and beverages for the refrigerator in the back office.

    They were waiting on time on the computers, out the back door, talking and telling stories about their "adventures" in the game. Friday and Saturday nights the parking lot was always full of cars and they ran 24 hours Friday and Saturday so most did not leave the whole weekend.

    Mark's ball cap would be on forwards sometimes, backward other times. Mark's mom Brandy kept things going when Mark was working but she was the accountant and the glue that kept everything running smoothly. Brandy was always quick with a smile and a warm welcome. Mark was intense with technical prowess working as a QC Inspector at Cape Canaveral (Kennedy Space center) when not at the shop. If it was broken, Mark could, and would, fix it. 

   In the years that followed, Mark built a wireless network at the Great Outdoors Central Florida and soon after moved to the East Tennessee mountains where he designed and administrated a wireless network in east Tennessee that covered Boone NC. and Johnson County Tennessee (whole county). Now he's launched to the delight of many customers and friends, old and new.

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